Amazing Sunset at Ijo Temple Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta has been known as a tourist destination in Indonesia. This city has so much tourism attraction and rich of heritage monuments. One of them is Ijo temple. Ijo Temple is a Hindhu temple located in Dukuh Groyokan, Sambirejo Village, Prambanan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This temple is settled on a west side of a hill so visitor can enjoy the sunset from this point. The name ‘Ijo’ is taken from the hill Ijo where it lies. In this area there are so many Hindu temples since in the past in this area Hindu was the dominating religion besides Budhism. These two religions were living in harmony in the past.

Sunset at Ijo Temple

The original complex was bigger

The area of Ijo temple complex is approximately 8000 meter square, however, some archeologists suggest that the actual complex is much greater than the remaining. This is because the landslide or many of the area become settlement. Some small temples in the complex are still in restoration process.

Perwaras of Ijo Temple

The temple was built in Old Mataram era

Ijo temple was built at X to XI century, at era of Old Mataram or Hindhu Mataram. This temple has a main temple, 3 perwara temple and some other small temples, with the main temple is the biggest one and facing west. Inside the main temple there is a Lingga-Yoni statue which is a symbol of Shiva. On the main temple’s walls there are one recession on each wall that might held a statue. However, the statues are not in their place anymore.

Inside of Main Temple. A Lingga-Yoni is placed inside this Main Temple.

A shrine to embrace Siva

In front of the main temple there are 3 perwara temple which symbolize Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu which in Hinduism they are called Trimurti. The first or the southern perwara contains yoni without lingga. The second or middle perwara contains statue of Nandi, an ox, which is the vehicle of Shiva. And the third or northern perwara is empty. However, this empty perwara has a hole on the floor, suggesting there might be a statue inside.

Nandi, an ox, the vehicle of Shiva.

Best place to see amazing sunset in Yogyakarta

Visiting this temple at the afternoon is the best time. Visitor may see airplane flying low because Adisucipto airport (airport of Yogyakarta) is just a couple of kilometers away. Recently there is a jeep tour providing jeep riding to visit some temples near by such as Barong temple, Prambanan temple, Plaosan temple, with Prambanan is the starting point. Visiting these temples will surely bring you to the past of Yogyakarta at the era of old kingdom.

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